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Difference between a physical pregnancy and a spiritual pregnancy

When a person is spiritually pregnant, he or she is considered pregnant with God's purpose. It is considered that the Seed of Hope was implanted in him. Rather, physical pregnancy is associated with a woman carrying an unborn physical child. You can detect a physical pregnancy by diagnosing certain physical symptoms. Spiritual pregnancy is not associated with an unborn physical child.

When the revelation of the Apocalypse is fulfilled, then it is very possible that a person will be impregnated with the Seed of Hope for Life. Such a person is considered the virgin of the Apocalypse. At times, spiritual pregnancy can also take the form of a physical pregnancy. Therefore, spiritual energy is considered to manifest itself through physical means. The physical manifestation of divine energy in the form of pregnancy can be a way to form a harmony between the celestial and terrestrial realms. Divine powers choose an extremely pure and innocent person for this purpose. The Virgin Mary being impregnated by Jesus Christ is a sign of a spiritual pregnancy that takes the form of a physical pregnancy.

of Platotea ceremonyand Spiritual Pregnancy

Emtea ceremony, Plato speaks of spiritual pregnancy. It uses the metaphor of the midwife and focuses on a man's spiritual pregnancy. Plato claims that the development of an idea or theory in a person's mind can be described as a spiritual pregnancy. From this point of view, a theory becomes a spiritual child. The development of an idea and its production can be compared to a spiritual birth. The transfer of ideas from the mind to the world of speech is as painful a process as a spiritual birth. The soul's wisdom thus becomes a kind of spiritual embarrassment. Thus, the soul's potential for wisdom can be articulated as a spiritual pregnancy according to Plato.

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Are you spiritually pregnant?

Do you think you might be experiencing a spiritual pregnancy? Well, sometimes a physical pregnancy can be preceded by a spiritual pregnancy. Sometimes people can dream about their unborn child. Surprisingly, it later turned out that the dream was not just a dream. Sometimes, you may even experience pregnancy-related signs without actually being pregnant. You may have flashes of inner wisdom that could be preparing you for what is to come. On some occasions, the baby may also introduce itself to you. Spirits may try to reason with you before your birth!

People can have prophetic dreams about pregnancy. They may notice spiritual signs related to pregnancy. Some may have moments of insight into their pregnancy and have an inner dialogue with the fetus. These signs all fall under the category of symptoms that signify someone is spiritually pregnant. Spiritual pregnancy is also known as prenatal communication.

Spirituality and Pregnancy

Spiritual pregnancy is related to being very spiritually aware. Women can begin to have prophetic dreams about their baby. These dreams serve as signs that help women make decisions about their pregnancy-related life decisions. They begin to understand things on a deeper level. This inner knowing helps you take better steps towards what lies ahead. This inner knowing is so strong that it leaves any possibility of doubt in a person's life.

Pregnancy prophetic spiritual dreams

Many women start having dreams related to pregnancy in advance, which makes them realize how likely they are to be pregnant. Certain specific details related to pregnancy can also appear in dreams as if someone has twins. Some may even dream about the child's personality, sex, health and appearance. Dreams can also warn women about the possibility of complications during childbirth, if any. These pregnancy spirit dreams are very vivid at times and are thought of as "dream encounters" with the unborn baby.

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Inner Communication and Spiritual Intuition of Pregnancy

Some women sometimes have a very deep sense of inner knowing or intuition before pregnancy. Women even described feeling as if they had an internal communication with their children. It was more like soul to soul communication.

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Spiritual connection with the fetus

Some women have found prenatal meditation to be very helpful in connecting with their unborn baby. Spiritual contemplation and exercises help them connect with their baby on a deeper level. All you have to do is take a few minutes out of your routine and deepen your awareness. Just listen in peace to what the universe is trying to tell you. If you pay close attention, you will spiritually connect with the vibration of the universe and be able to decipher the message. This practice helps strengthen a person's spiritual listening skills. You will connect to a higher spiritual entity which could be in the form of your higher self, your baby, your intuition, your life or even God!

There are several types of spiritual exercises. But, they all serve the same purpose. So, choose the one that suits you the most and experience this joy of being pregnant spiritually. All you have to do is sit quietly and listen carefully to what the universe is trying to tell you.

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Technique for spiritually connecting with your unborn baby

Here is a technique you can try to spiritually connect with your unborn baby. Find a comfortable place to lie down or sit. Gently close your eyes and start thinking about something and someone you love with all your heart. The reason is to fill your heart with a deep feeling of pure love. You might think of the true love you feel for your spouse, your children, or your unborn child. Then, when you're ready, start chanting Huuuuuuuuuuu in a voice that goes on for a long time. Sing this voice with a deep feeling of love for about 5-10 minutes.

After that, be still and listen to the voices within you. If you have a question in mind, you can also ask to get an answer. The question may relate to your unborn baby and you may ask that question directly to that unborn spirit. Remember that you shouldn't focus the conversation only on yourself. The main point of this spiritual exercise is to listen attentively and peacefully.

Feel a life-changing sensation

Life is an ever-changing process. Each day brings a new chapter that we can't even imagine. Therefore, we need to prepare ourselves for any kind of spiritual signs that the universe might be trying to show us. If you start to experience a sudden shift or change in your life, it's a huge sign that you may be spiritually pregnant with the universe. Sometimes, it's not people who plan pregnancies. More often than not, it's the universe working in the background to help a spirit be born into this world.

Life changing signs are an indicator that you shouldn't go against the grain and just go with the plan of the universe. This is the time to live in the moment and go with the flow of universal energies. Sometimes an unplanned or accidental child changes life. Such a child can bring a lot of luck into your life. Therefore, even if your pregnancy seems unplanned, you should always reciprocate and connect with the spirits that are trying to communicate with you. Sometimes you need to put aside all your preparations and plans to reach a new height in your life!

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Spiritual connection with yourself

Being spiritually pregnant has a lot to do with connecting with your inner self. Modern life is turned upside down where people are more connected to machines through social media instead of connecting organically in real life. Being spiritually pregnant is a gentle reminder from the universe to connect with yourself on a deeper spiritual level. Babies are gifts from God's side and when these spirits try to connect with you, they are indeed rising!

When you feel distracted or lost in your life, the universe may try to pull you back to rediscover yourself. This is the time when the universe is preparing you for spiritual pregnancy to find yourself again! It could also mean spending more time with your family and getting ready to welcome a new member who can help strengthen your family ties!

Numbers 3 and 9 haunt you

If you are seeing the numbers 9 and 3 repeatedly, it is a clear sign that you are on your way to experiencing a spiritual pregnancy. Number 3 represents the magical child and number 9 represents the months of pregnancy.

Having a spiritual pregnancy is a magical experience. It's a sign from God to connect with an unborn spirit on a deeper level and experience something beyond this Earth!

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