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Some franchises are so gigantic, with so many TV shows and movies, that it's hard to know where to start watching them. A perfect example of this principle in action is theSternentorFranchise spanning three decades, three TV shows and three films, plus a variety of other non-canon material. Some of these storylines overlap, others are prequels set before the events of the first film. As you can imagine it gets quite confusing at times, and some sci-fi fans who careSternentorThe world has been wondering what is the best order to watch the series. If you've been wondering the same thing, fear not: we're here to help you figure it all out.

Let's first explain that seeing theSternentorFranchising in chronological order is not necessarily the best way. Another factor we consider is the ability to binge gaze. In other words, sometimes you don't want to get stuck knowing the exact order of episodes to watch. It's far better to watch at least a full season without getting caught up in the hyper-specific timeline. So the order here is more or less chronological, but it's set to binge watch. There's one exception towards the bottom of our list that requires us to go back in time, but don't worry, even then it's pretty easy to follow.

Note:Heu Spoiler!

Stargate, the 1994 movie

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The only logical starting point is the 1994 film.Sternentor, that's where everSternentorshould start the watch list. This is the film that created and launched the franchise and it is the first time the film has been released to the public.Sternentoruniverse as a whole. The plot is based on the popular conspiracy theory that aliens built the pyramids in Egypt and essentially asks the question "What if aliens...I really didbuild?" and from there build a myth around the far-reaching implications of this central question.

Our protagonist is an archaeologist named Daniel Jackson (played by James Spader) who claims that the pyramids were built by aliens. The academic community essentially ostracizes him, but as is often the case with academic cranks in movies, Jackson is telling the truth. The US military gets its hands on an alien device dubbed the Stargate that has been buried in Egypt. Eventually, Jackson teams up with Colonel Jack O'Neill (Kurt Russell) to uncover the mysteries of the device. It turns out the Stargate is like a telephone to the universe: you "tag" a planet and visit it instantly on the fly. Jackson and O'Neill activate it and are eventually transported to another planet. However, this is not a vacation: in the other world, they must defeat an evil alien dictator named Ra and return to Earth.

Stargate SG-1 Temporaden 1 bis 7

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After you finish the movie, you can enjoy a long, uninterrupted stretch of the TV show.SG-1 Sternentor. The series has ten seasons in total, but don't worry, you're only watching the first seven seasons for now. A spin off of the film,SG-1 Sternentorbegins about a year after the events depicted in the film. In the pilot episode, the Stargate device activates and aliens breach it, killing and kidnapping US service members. Of course, the US government responds by setting up a secret base called Stargate Command to monitor the device and launch a rescue mission. The base is run by General Hammond (Don S. Davis), who brings Jack O'Neill (now played by Richard Dean Anderson) out of retirement. O'Neill leads a successful rescue mission through the Stargate with the help of Daniel Jackson (now played by Michael Shanks), Samantha Carter (Amanda Tapping) and Teal'c (Christopher Judge).

After the mission, it is clear that the Goa'uld are an aggressive and advanced alien species plotting to destroy and enslave humanity. To protect Earth, the US military assembles teams, the first of which is SG-1, to travel through the Stargate and explore the universe. His goal is to find allies and acquire technology for his fight against the Goa'uld, but other storylines develop as the show progresses. For the first seven seasons, this team of four operates from a top-secret base in Colorado, traveling to other planets and confronting all sorts of alien threats.

SG-1 Season 8 and Atlantis Season 1

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This is where things get a bit tricky, but it's nothing too crazy. timeSG-1 Sternentorwas still running, MGM capitalized on its popularity by launching another spin-off TV series by the nameSternentor Atlantis. Both shows take place in the same universe and take place at the same time. That's the good newsSG-1jexpectationsthey are more or less independent of each other as they are set in different galaxies and have completely different stories and cast, but there are some episodes where the shows relate to each other in some way. You don't have to weave the episodes together, but it's probably best to start watchingSG-1 SternentorStaffel 8 uSternentor Atlantisseason 1 together.

At the end ofSG-1 SternentorIn Season 7, the show features a lost city called Atlantis. The team members discover their location, which is extremely deep in space. Stargate Command sends a permanent team there, setting up their own base and essentially living as a colony in the city of Atlantis.SG-1 SternentorSeason 8 continues and at the end of the season, the team finally defeats its two greatest opponents, the Goa'uld and the Replicators. In the meantime,Sternentor AtlantisSeason 1 introduces the new characters and of course their own powerful enemy, the Wraith.

SG-1 Season 9 and Atlantis Season 2

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then watchSG-1 SternentorStaffel 9 uSternentor AtlantisSeason 2. Again, you don't have to go back and forth between shows, but watching these seasons in sequence will help you since the events they describe take place at the same time. With many long-running shows, pay raises and a variety of behind-the-scenes drama often lead to on-screen changes, and Season 9 ofStargate-SG-1is no exception; longtime viewers were watching a significantly different show. Both Jack O'Neill and General Hammond became minor characters because the actors who played them wanted to quit. As a result, a new SG-1 team is formed. Hank Landry (Beau Bridges) takes control of Stargate Command and newcomer Cameron Mitchell (Ben Browder) tries to wield a broken SG-1.

Vala Mal Doran (Claudia Black) also becomes a main character: she is a highly intelligent but morally ambiguous alien (human) with a strong crush on Doctor Jackson. We're also introduced to a new race of villains called the Ori, who learn that humans live in the Milky Way. They then begin a violent crusade in our regions of the universe, plotting to convert everyone to their religion of Origin. They are very technologically advanced, so SG-1 must find innovative ways to defeat them.

Meanwhile, at Atlantis, the team is attempting to create a retrovirus that will turn the Wraith back into humans. But his experiments aren't perfect, with subjects giving ambiguous results at best. The Wraith, who feed on humans, learn of Earth's position and decide to fly there for its rich feeding grounds. Oh!

SG-1 Season 10 and Atlantis Season 3

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This is the last time you have to watch both shows at the same time, but once again you're watching a season ofSG-1 Sternentorand a season ofSternentor Atlantistogether. Season 10 is the final season ofSG-1 Sternentor, and completes multiple story arcs. Without giving anything away, the series finale connects a variety of long-running storylines, including the fate of at least one fan-favorite couple and the culmination of the series' battle against a great evil. After dozens of episodes, that was itSG-1 Sternentor- Now dust your hands and go toSternentor AtlantisSeason 3 you should watch at the same time.

InAtlantis Sternentor,The team manages to stop the Wraith from storming Earth, but they also fail to develop a retrovirus to turn the Wraith back into humans. They continue to battle the Specters throughout the season, as well as another foe: a new enemy called the Asurans, who are self-replicating nanobots. The Asurans threaten to destroy the city of Atlantis, so the team launches the city's hyperdrives (yes, the city can travel through space) and flies to the stars. But shortly after this evasive maneuver, the ship is damaged and our heroes are adrift in space.

Stargate: The Ark of Truth

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Before you watch the next season ofSternentor Atlantis(which has a total of five seasons), you must watch firstStargate: Ark Of Truth,a direct-to-video film whose action begins shortly after the end ofSG-1 Sternentor.

Ark of Truthwraps around the Ori bow dangling in the left oneSG-1Series finale that effectively eliminates the enemy once and for all. The film begins by explaining the existence of an ancient device known as the Ark of Truth that can defeat the Ori. Of course, the team is eager to find him, but unfortunately he is on the Ori homeworld. Despite being a suicide mission, they visit the planet and retrieve the device. But in the process, they also bring an old enemy back to life: the Replicators.

The Ori gather their forces for a final assault on the Milky Way, but SG-1 activates the Ark of Truth and defeats the Ori, albeit in an unexpected way. The device shows the priors that the Ori are not gods. Priors are people who serve the Ori and further their religion, which includes plans to invade Earth. The effect of the Ark of Truth is that all Priors in the galaxy see the truth, thus forsaking their religion and the Ori altogether, and the film ends with SG-1 preparing to go through the Stargate on another mission , implying this story will continue.

Atlantis season 4

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Now that you're doneArk of Truth, returnSternentor Atlantisand watch season 4. At that time there was a small transition in theSternentorFranchise. for oneSternentor Atlantisit was issued alone like its predecessorSG-1 Sternentorwas off the air.Second, there was a major line-up change. Lead character Elizabeth Weir (Torri Higginson) was incapacitated in-universe, leaving room for Samantha Carter (Amanda Tapping) to become a lead character. Carter checked offSG-1 Sternentor, but she continued to perform after the show endedAtlantis.

The tone and direction of the show also changes, but this one is a little darker. The city of Atlantis is drifting in space and our heroes are fighting to fix it. They continue to fight their two main enemies, the Wraith and the Asurans, but in a pretty cool move, they force the two opponents to fight each other. After the Atlantis team reprograms the Asurans, the Asurans begin fighting the Wraith, who appear to be destroyed.

Stargate: Go ahead

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At this point, you only have one season leftSternentor Atlantisto get through before the show finally ends, but after season four you'll have to take a detour and watchStargate: Go ahead.This is another direct-to-video film, and while it is essentially a standalone story, it fits chronologically between seasons four and five ofAtlantis.

Stargate: Go aheadcompletes the story arc of a specific character we knowSG-1 Sternentor. Even if the evil Goa'uld die in Season 8 ofsg-1 Sternentor,one survivor remained, named Ba'al. Ba'al continued to play a minor role inSG-1Seasons 9 and 10, occasionally allies with the Earthlings but ultimately remains evil.

InStargate: continuous,The SG-1 team has finally cornered Ba'al and plans to kill him. However, this is a clone of Ba'al, and the real Ba'al has one last trick up his sleeve to gain universal power. The Ba'al time travels to 1939 and prevents the Stargate program from taking place on Earth. This creates an alternate timeline in which Ba'al will conquer the universe and will soon storm Earth. Luckily, some members of SG-1 remember the old timeline and successfully bring the story back to its original state. The film ends with the first scene: Ba'al is about to be executed. This time the characters are unaware of the previous events of an alternate timeline and kill him once and for all.

Atlantis season 5

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As soon as they are doneContinuumIt's time to go backSternentor Atlantisone last time. You will see the fifth and final season of the show. Luckily, the show does a good job of wrapping up a lot of storylines. McKay, the geek snob, eventually falls in love with Keller. The team eventually defeats their nemesis, the Wraith. In the end, humans are finally able to form a government on the Pegasus galaxy, free from the tyranny of hostile extraterrestrial forces.

The end of the seriesSternentor AtlantisIt's quite spectacular: the Specters discover the location of Earth and head straight for it, basically eating everyone there. So the team decides to blast the city of Atlantis to Earth and join a massive battle to fight off the Wraiths. After an epic battle and a glorious victory, Atlantis lands next to San Francisco in the Pacific Ocean.

Seasons 1 and 2 of the Stargate Universe

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After completing theSternentor Atlantis, fans have called another TV showStargate-Universe, although it only lasted two seasons. And you can watch the entire show without including any other content in the mix.

The storyline and characters are quite separate from the rest of the franchise, essentially giving the show its own standalone story arc. InStargate-Universe,The Earthlings discover that an ancient alien race called the Ancients has sent a scouting ship into the depths of the universesuperfar in the universe. It's so damn far that it's quite difficult to even get to the ship using the Stargate, and it's such a long journey that it turns out to be permanent.

A team from Stargate Command decides to check it out, but then they get stuck on the ship. The show is a balance between getting back, surviving, and also what the Ancients wanted to accomplish with this ship. It turns out that the Ancients were studying something very close to the site of the Big Bang, and there is evidence that life existed before or at least shortly after the Big Bang.

Stargate Origins (1939 prequel)

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Well, if you've been following, we've gone through them in roughly chronological orderSternentorFranchise. Here is the only exception:Origins of Stargateis a web series that serves as a prequel to everything you already know. It takes you back to 1939, long before the events of the first film.originIt's a very different medium to the rest of the franchise, as its ten episodes are only ten minutes each. If you have been wasted until now, you can delete this series very quickly.

The plot follows a young Catherine Langford as she tries to unravel the mysteries of the Stargate. InSG-1 Sternentor, Langford is a supporting character and a good friend of Daniel Jackson. It is explained throughoutSG-1 Sternentorthat Langford was key to building the Stargate program. Now we can hear more details about this storyOrigins of Stargate. The main antagonist of the series is a Nazi who surprisingly knows about the Stargate and how it works.


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