The 10 Best Hotels Near Los Arboles Rocketship Park 2023 - (2023)

4.3/561 reviews

Best Western Plus Redondo Beach Inn

4.3/5Great61 reviews

Redondo Beach

|1.22 km from Los Arboles Rocketship Parka

The hotel is a motel, the general hardware is good, the service is very good, the staff is very enthusiastic; there are places to eat and shop around the hotel, (plenty of options when you drive) not far from the beach, don't expect too much from the beach This beach is where the locals play beach volleyball; the entire torrent area is still a relatively high safety factor area in LA~


2.7/583 Comments

Vivo Flex Living Torrance

2.7/583 Comments


|1.33 km from Los Arboles Rocketship Parka

The location of the hotel is better, and the supermarket restaurants around are easier to find. Hotel facilities are relatively old, after entering the room, the switch took a long time to find. Bathrooms are pretty average but relatively clean. The linen quilt doesn't look very clean and needs to be reinforced! The key has no socket! It was inconvenient to find a long-used plug in the socket under the TV cabinet!

Of101 USD

3.6/513 comments

Redondo Inn and Suites

3.6/513 comments

Redondo Beach

|2.79 km to Los Arboles Rocketship Parka

Good location, great price. A comfortable, well-priced room for our family of four. The bedroom had a large double bed with a double bed in a separate room. This setup worked really well for our family. The room was clean. It is obvious that the owners take pride in keeping this hotel clean. As a bonus, the Thai restaurant inside the hotel was excellent. Would recommend if you are on a budget and want to be close to the beach.

Of106 dollars

3.1/518 comments

Moonlite Inn

3.1/518 comments

Redondo Beach

|2.89 km from Los Arboles Rocketship Parka

I stayed here because of the location, easy access to LAX, parking, wifi, close to beaches, good area. This is a very basic motel, if you're looking in this price range you're comparing it to a private room in a hostel, not expecting any luxury. So don't come here if the quirks of an old motel drive you crazy, come because it's a good location and you're on a budget. The room was clean and what is also important Kevin received me warmly, so helpful and kind. I would stay here again based on their hospitality and location alone.


3.2/555 reviews

Producers Boravak America Suites - Los Angeles - Torrance - Del Amo Circle

3.2/555 reviews


|3.03 km to Los Arboles Rocketship Parka

I just wanted to start by saying that Janice Jackson was one of the most helpful polite and professional people I have ever dealt with. She made sure all of our needs were met, she was very friendly, has excellent customer service and ensured that staying here with my naturally challenging 9 year old was great. We had to change rooms due to one of our noisy neighbors above us and she made sure everything was taken care of, she was very pleasant and easy to talk to. From the first moment I spoke to her I told her I would give her a good review and I had a friend who was an extended stay manager but wanted to let you know if you need to go somewhere when in Torrance here and ask to Janice she is the best. As a small business owner customer service is important and what I do today is make sure I get paid early. God bless you Janice.

Of125 dollars

4.2/537 comments

DoubleTree by Hilton Torrance - South Bay

4.2/5Very good37 comments


|3.31 km to Los Arboles Rocketship Parka

All aspects of the hotel are very good, there is a big market nearby, you can shop, eat, very convenient. There is a parking lot and there is no parking fee.


3.5/586 Comments

Limited Ramada

3.5/586 Comments

Redondo Beach

|3.31 km to Los Arboles Rocketship Parka

I like the place, the service and it's close to the beach and I can walk because it's a safe place, all the staff are very friendly, secure parking. I like this place the room smells clean they keep it clean all the time

Of124 dollars

4/546 comments

Ramada por Wyndham Torrance

4/5Very good46 comments


|3.39 km to Los Arboles Rocketship Parka

very pleasant stay at Ramada. I love the porch and the parking lots were great. I will visit again.

Of114 dollars

4.3/552 comments

Torrance Marriott Redondo Beach

4.3/5Great52 comments


|2.2 miles from Los Arboles Rocketship Parka

The hotel is very well located next to the Del Amo fashion centre. The hotel has an underground garage and parking costs USD 25 per night. The staff was friendly and helpful. My only regret is that the beds were too soft and the pillows uncomfortable so I didn't sleep well at night.

Of204 dollars

3.4/562 comments

Pousada Cais Redondo

3.4/562 comments

Redondo Beach

|3.76 km to Los Arboles Rocketship Parka

Check in was smooth, although some staff were friendlier and more responsive than others during our 3 night stay. The room was really nice and very clean (including mattress and blankets compared to some other reviews and we didn't have any issues with it. The room has decent lighting options and a dimmer switch for the main lights, USB and an outlet between the beds but behind there was another socket on the desk There are toiletries but they are not next to the sink they are in the tub on the wall behind the shower curtain so it's easy to miss and think there's no shampoo or shower soap when you arrive and still haven't used the shower/bath The lighting in the bathroom is a little dim The room had a very large empty space near the TV which could have more chairs and a larger table was provided The walls were kind of bare in places and more painting would have made everything a little better There were a few pictures but some of the walls were completely bare so it looked kind of weird I didn't get a chance to check out the pool Ice machines are on the back stairs downstairs. The car park had outside or covered parking on a first come, first served basis (which could be a little tight to get into) but it was nice to have that on offer. The location is right on the 1 so it can sometimes be a little difficult to turn left or left to get into the hotel depending on the time of day. There aren't many frontline restaurants here, but 2 blocks away is the Redondo Beach Pier, which has plenty of food options as it's not your standard simple fare. The prices there are actually a lot lower than I expected for seaside food. The price of the hotel was very good compared to most other areas in the greater Los Angeles area. I'll probably end up here again the next time I go back. . .

Of97 dollars

3.6/558 comments

Howard Johnson Wyndham Torrance

3.6/558 comments


|2.4 miles from Los Arboles Rocketship Parka

Value for money, large room, two American beds accommodate 4 people, that is, the room smells bad, the heating is very strong and the heating does not turn on, but it is heated. Although it is an American style car shop, there are many settings, coffee machine, microwave oven, toiletries, breakfast is better than expected, room service counter is on the second floor, airport taxi was over 30, the driver turned to on the first floor and did not find the reception, but later found that there was a lift in the wall, it was not found until the notification on the second floor. A five minute walk across the street means the mall is pretty big. There are two large supermarkets. Also, if you're not driving, a Los Angeles rental requires a taxi from the hotel, which will take a few minutes.

Of113 dollars

4.2/532 Comments

Residence Inn Los Angeles Torrance/Redondo Beach

4.2/5Very good32 Comments


|3.81 km from Los Arboles Rocketship Parka

Hotel Lost Torrance, Marriott apartment. The hotel is a community of two-story villas. If you live on the first floor, it will be bright and the building will be low. She feels very depressed. It's a little strange to walk into the room, I'm not used to it. The decoration of the apartment, dishes and cutlery are ready, but there is no toothpaste, toothbrush, slippers and much less combs. Bathroom sprinklers cannot be removed and are not suitable for use. Meals, including breakfast, at 6:30 am, many guests go to breakfast at 6:30 am, not everyone can sleep. We stayed there for two days, only from Monday to Wednesday, the hotel offered free dinner, but it was the usual fast food, hamburger, pizza, juice, etc. During the Spring Festival, the hotel is expensive. There are 1,200 rooms in this room and 1,800 in the Marriott and the Hilton. I tend to see 1,000 in normal times. If I choose again, I will not choose this hotel again.



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