Pokémon Article: Funniest Fake Mew Moves Ever!!!!! (2023)

**All Fake Mew tricks perpetuated courtesy of Team Rocket's Rockin' Glitch/Cosplay...etc page**

1.) From QuietLugio:
I have invented many different Mew tricks, but I would love to have my favorite trick on your site.

DO NOT TRY THIS IS 100% FAKE!!!!!!!!!!

1. How to get Mew in G/S/C (Requires R/B, NOT yellow)
Put Mewtwo in red or blue first.
Then increase to lvl100. DO NOT use any stat-boosting items, but double them using Missingno. trick. You can create Mewtwo using Rare Candies or Gameshark, it doesn't matter.
Make sure he knows the Seer. Otherwise the cheat will fail
Once you've done that, increase those stats. Don't forget to do HP and PP too.
Leave him in his crate for a few months so that when they put him on G/S/C he hates you and the new trainer.
After that time in the box, connect with the G/S/C version that defeated Red. In G/S/C you must be in Cerulean City.
Trade Mewtwo for a good Pokemon like Dragonite. After all, you won't see him anymore.
Now we have Mewtwo with full stats in G/S/C! He's holding a Pokeflute! Take it away from him. He cries and hates you even more.
Go to Bill's family in Goldenrod. Let Mewtwo, Jigglypuff and Ditto be at your party. (in that order) See if Jigglypuff can sing. And don't use the one you want to reuse.
A family member will say, "Oooh!! Let that crazy cat out of your Poké Ball, please?" And Mewtwo will suddenly be right next to him. He will resent being called 'crazy'.
Because he hates you, he will leave you.
Some idiot then starts pulling the tail.
As Mewtwo meets the Seer, he sets it on fire.
Walk in front of it and select the Pokeflute. If you haven't already duplicated this item by giving it to a Pokémon and cloning the Pokémon, say goodbye to this beautiful melody.
The pokeflute starts playing, making Mewtwo even angrier. It breaks. Poor Pokéflute...
Get out of the way.
Mewtwo then throws the Seer at the idiot that pulled its tail. They die. Jigglypuff pops out of its Poké Ball and uses Sing.
Mewtwo does not fall asleep and kills Jiggly. Jigglypuff, that was his life!
He then kills everyone in the building except you and Ditto. You run out of the house.
When you leave, Mewtwo is nowhere to be found!
The building bursts into flames. Come back later.
Now where is Mewtwo? Check your Pokedex. He's in Goldenrod, all right.
Go to the train station. Here it is! He's on the train! Oh no! Go after him! Why do I keep putting exclamation points at the end of sentences!?
When you get to Saffron, catch a Pokemon that can fly and fly to Cerulean.
Go to Bill's house. The door hangs on its hinges.
In between. Bill is there, dead. Oops... we shouldn't have traded that Mewtwo. Well, it's all for a good cause.
After that, Mewtwo will go to various random locations and destroy houses. The last place he goes is Mr. Psychic. (How ironic)
Go there. Mr. Seer and Mewtwo fight. Go talk to Mr. Fortune teller. He tells you to take over.
You are now in battle. Play a masterball in Mewtwo. Did not understand? Just throw the bike at him. Trust me, in this battle you can.
He's going to pass out or you got him. If he passes out, Mr. Psychic will give you a masterball and Mewtwo will be in it.
Now she runs to kindergarten.
Push Ditto first. He tries to introduce Mewtwo, but the old lady keeps saying that she won't have such a violent Pokémon.
Bribe her with £10,000. He lets him in.
Save now and do whatever you want for a month.
After a month, come back and oh my god, Mewtwo had an egg! Ditto unfortunately died, but that doesn't matter, you can always get another one. Mewtwo fled into the jungle. You'll see him again, but you won't be able to capture him the first time you see him.
Anyway, now we have the Egg. Keep cycling up and down the bike path. We finally have a baby Mewtwo who knows Psychic and Transform.
Nickname her Mew2 [female character]
Swap for R/B
Level her up to level 100 with max stats just like you did her dad.
Switch back to G/S/C.
Head to the magical place known as Cinnabar and surf wherever you can. Eventually you'll find a DUN DUN DUN!! Mewtwo!
Send Mew2 [female character].
Use Transform.
Now you have Mewtwo's attacks!
Use Psychic. It takes away a third of your HP.
He uses retrieve.
Okay, now use Crunch.
Deus Mewtwo!
You will get a lot of Exp points, enough to level up! Wait, that's impossible.
What? Mew2 [female character] is evolving FROM ???
Mew2 [female character] evolved into Mew!!
Here you are!
Professor Oak will call you and say that in every village or town there is a house on fire.
Now go around all the houses that are burning.
Teach Mew to surf.
Use surf in every house. Then use recover. Everyone is alive again! (Except Jigglypuff or Ditto)

Here you go! You now have Mew in G/S/C without trading Mew-cheated Mew or promo Mew!

As I said at the beginning, DO NOT TRY THIS! Well, you can if you want to, but that will only happen when you visit Bill's family. Nobody really dies in this game.

2.) De dagda429:
The Darkest Dungeon Scandal

This is a long and complicated Mew scandal that is the result of a series of strange theories I heard years ago - I tested this and it didn't work. It's really interesting and it sounded very realistic at the time.

Another strange aspect of this move is the series of moves known as SM - Secret Machines. This includes Dive, Whirlpool, Jump, Breakthrough and Climb, some of which were rumors that became real in Gen 2 (I heard them before Yellow came out in America, so it's not like they were dropped from Joht). Creepy - Breakthrough worked almost identically to Rock Smash, and Dive and Whirlpool are now real HMs...

Anyway, I'll post as much as I can remember, although there were many other paths to the same end result.

Path One: Entrance to the Stone Tunnel

1. Get Flash. "Can light up even the darkest dungeons"
2. Enter Rock Tunnel. Use Flash. Check out all the real dungeon walls by clicking on them. (An actual wall means an actual rock formation instead of just Rock Sprites blocking that direction)
3. The entrance to the Darkest Dungeon is in one of these wall spaces. It's in a different place for each game.
4. Click on the space on the right wall and you should enter the Darkest Dungeon. Watch out for Pokemon Lv100+.
5. This entry puts you in the lowest chamber. You can find a wild baby Kangaskhan here, at Lv100+, as well as a Lv100+ Sandshrew.
6. Go through the dungeon, but DO NOT go down the central ladder. Next to the central ladder is Sandswipes, evolved Sandslash, at level 999. He won't attack you unless you provoke him. If you try to go down the ladder, Sandswipes will talk to you, tell you not to go down, and knock you down. Try to go down again and he will attack.
7. Enter the northwest chamber, and Mew will be on a plateau-like structure.
8. If you try to get closer to Mew, the dungeon walls will start to get closer. Fight a lv200 Mew and finish the battle in 20 turns. After 20 moves, the game restarts because you died.
9. Capture or defeat Mew, then exit the room through one of the remaining doors (preferably the south door. It leads to the Unknown Dungeon. You can now leave with Mew.

Path Two: Unknown Dungeon Entrance and Mew

1. Get Breakthrough SM (see below).
2. Go to Mewtwo's island in Unknown Dungeon.
3. Use Breakthrough on the wall behind where he was. This takes you to Mew's chamber in the darkest dungeon.
4. Fight Mew for 20 rounds as described above.

Coloque tri: Billov ulaz, Sandswipes e Kanskaskanner

1. Discovery Nabavita SM.
2. Go to Bill's house and use Breakthrough on the back wall to reach the backyard.
3. There is a cave door in your backyard. Enter the darkest dungeon.
4. This puts you right at the front of the Sandswipes leaderboard as described above. If you dare, fight and capture or defeat Sandswipes to descend the ladder.
5. Make sure Sandswipes is in your group. He knows Panjaw, a secret move that will help him survive in the dungeon.
6. Go down the stairs to Kangaskanner's evil lair.
7. Kangaskanner rules here. He is a teenage looking Kangaskhan with 1000 lv. Its move Dizzy can be used outside of battle to kill it. Now you have options:
7a. Run for your life through the south passage, which will eventually put you in the grass outside Pallet Town (use Jump SM to get to Pallet Town or just fly out of there)
7b. Fight the Kangaskanner. If you click on him before he attacks you outside of battle, you enter battle.
8. The Kangaskanner is immune to all attacks, except the Claw, which always lands a critical hit on it (it's a normal type). Defeat him with Sandswipes or capture him. You can leave Masterball.
9. There are 2 SMs behind where he was originally. SM for Claw and SM for Dizzy (this can be learned for Mew, Sandshrew/Sandslash for Claw, or Kangaskan (baby Kangaskhan)/Kangaskhan for Dizzy.
10a. Pat yourself on the back for beating the hardest challenge in the game.
10b. If you get hit by Kangaskanner's Dizzy out of battle or lose to Kangaskanner, your game will be erased and you'll have to start over.

Appendix: Secret Machines

SM01 - Jump: I never actually found out where the Jump was obtained. But needs to get Breakthrough and can jump walls. Or you can gameshark... That's why none of them really work - that would be Sharkable.

SM02 - Breakthrough: Gives you the Bike Clerk in Cerulean City if you skip the counter and talk to him directly. You can break walls and such. Sounds like Rock Smash, but then again, I learned about it long before Gen 2.

SM03 - Diving: Never figured out how to get it. But I heard about it along with others. It's the HM08 in the third generation, but I've heard about it for a long time (hence my excitement when I found out it was in Ruby/Sapphire).

SM04 - Climb: Climb walls and ledges. Get it from Bill after breaking into his backyard. This would be a useful tool in Silver/Gold...too bad. It is also said to have been used to climb 7 mountain slopes to obtain the 7 Mountain Badges. I don't know where that came from. Someone has an amazing imagination.

SM05 - Confusion Ray: Used by Mike, a trainer who uses lv1000 Abra, lv900 Charizard and lv800 Fearow. It combines Psychic with Confuse Ray and is on par with Claw and Dizzy. He'll give it to you if you beat him. Apparently, he was the guy who stopped you in Pewter City before you got your badge, and also the Bug Catcher that talks about Weedle and Caterpie in Viridian City. 250 Strength

SM06 - Claw: A normal attack that always crits against members of the Kangaskhan family. This is essentially a tool to defeat the Kangaskanner. 250 strength

SM07 - Dizzy: A normal attack that kills the opponent, unless they are a member of the Sandshrew family. So it always gets critical reviews. 250 strength

And that. I heard about them in 1998 and early 1999. I can't remember the source. I had nightmares for months. Coincidentally, I recently decided to write a fanfic based on it, so the information here is mine... unless the person who started this myth comes forward.

3.) **Ending** by MJ:
How to Unlock Mew in Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald!

1: Start your Ruby, Sapphire or Emerald game.
2: Go to Mossdeep City.
3: Break the door of the guy's house using your bike and then the guy will run after you.
4: Ignore it and go through the door. You must find Steven, he will give you the Ocarina of Time.
5: Fly to Sootopolis City, stand in front of the gym.
6: Play the Song of Storms.
7: In Ruby or Sapphire, the city of Sootopolis will drown. In Emerald, Juan will yell at you before the water floods the city.
8: Anyway, go to Mt. Pyre, the couple at the top want you to find something very hard to find, CHERRY PIE.
9: Your character will find you next to him.
10: An old man will throw a pie from the mountain and tell you to find it again.
11: In Ruby & Sapphire, you have to jump off a mountain and get a pie. He will start hovering, follow him until he leads you to Mew.
12: In Emerald, however, you'll be asked to play a song with a piece of tissue paper. Do it. Fly back to Sootopolis City.
13: After going to Soootopolis, Use Dive & Mermaid Juan will give you Mew. Then the old man in Mount Pyre will slap you for not finding his pie.
14: Have Fun Mew!

Crazy, right?

Thanks for reading! Please rate and comment! If you have more, write in the comments. Don't forget to put who wrote the fake scam!


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