Brayton Park Lodges - Full Overview and Fishing Information (2023)

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I recently stayed at Brayton Park Lodges and we had a great time there (me, my wife and our 6 and 9 year olds). The setting is absolutely stunning with beautiful views of the northern lakes hills in a beautiful park-like setting. I have stayed here twice, including once at Wordsworth Cottage and once at Lawson Cottage - Lawson being my favourite.

Renounce:I have visited Brayton Park twice staying at Wordsworth Lodge and then Lawson Lodge. We pay with my independent review. I am scheduled to go to Lawson Lodge again in 2024.

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Brayton Park Lodges - Full Overview and Fishing Information (6)

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Important Information - Brayton Park Lodges

  • 18 staterooms onsite and more are being added
  • suitable for families
  • suitable for couples
  • 7 miles to nearest beach - Allonby
  • Some staterooms have hot tubs
  • Fishing on site or private stake (Lawson only)
  • Bar/restaurant inside the premises
  • Pets are not allowed

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on-site installations

  • Restaurant inside the premises
  • Lago no local
  • wifi at the inn
  • Parking next to the house
  • Houses adapted for people with disabilities
  • Nearby bike paths
  • Coffee inside the premises
  • Golf course on site

What You'll Find at Brayton Park Lodges

Brayton Park Cottages are the ultimate in luxury. When we arrived we were surprised at how the lodges were after staying at other lodge parks. They are high class accommodations with everything you need.

We booked the Wellington and randomly got number 2. This is probably one of the best seats looking across the grass to the lake.

The living room was spacious, our cabin had a dining area for 6 people, a sofa and 2 armchairs, and a large, well-equipped kitchen. It had 3 bedrooms including a master bathroom. What we really liked was that the master bath had a door to where the hot tub was. This was very convenient for changing and drying.

To the side of the cabin was a large grassy area which was great for the children to play. All huts have large mounds of grass between them, which adds to the sense of privacy.

Once you arrive at Brayton Park, settle into a relaxing environment. The trip across the lake on arrival is a beautiful place and all the gardens are well maintained. Within the premises there is a bar and a restaurant offering food for your home. We've had this a few times now and the food has been excellent, with a good selection of food and some delicious desserts.

There is also a farm shop selling a variety of meats, pastries and delicious breads and cakes. This wasn't open when we visited but if you take a look at Brayton Park's Facebook page you will see pictures of the amazing food.

There is a 9 hole golf course next to the bar and club and it seems popular. You could come, pay and play the course.

What else will you find on the site

We booked these cabins primarily because we were looking for a luxury cabin with a hot tub in the Northern Lakes for a vacation, and carp fishing was just an add-on. I went out of my way to find out a lot of information about the lakes and the fish before we left, other than the carp we had about 10lbs and there were some bigger ones.

During the first week at the cottage in Wordsworth, we (my children and I) spent 4 half day sessions fishing the lake around which else we did during the trip. This is one of the 4 double sessions we've had!

Brayton Park Lodges - Full Overview and Fishing Information (13)

There is a house located on the shore of the lake with its own private dock. This was not the accommodation we booked so you have to take your gear to the bottom of the lake as it is only fished from the wooded shore. That was a bit painful!

There I talked with 2 of the 3 members who fish in the lake and learned a lot of information. I put it here in bookmarks to make it easier to read!

  • The lake covers 7 hectares and was excavated by the monastery's monks around the 14th-16th centuries. century. At the first stake you arrive, a little to the right, there are still steps from that time into the water (you can't see it, but you can feel it with lead).
  • Carp weigh an average of 6-8 pounds, all are wild and spawn in the lake. There are some in the 13- to 14-pound range.
  • There is a large bed of lily pads that come up in the summer, so the first stake is nearly impossible to fish. I went in the spring and you could see it starting to sprout.
  • The lake is very shallow in parts, and some areas, even in the middle, are around two to three feet deep. On warm spring days we could see carp sunbathing in these shallow waters and fishing well in them.
  • The only fish in the lake are carp and crucian carp, except for some natural hybrids, there are no other fish or large fish.
  • In our best session we had 11 carp in just under 3 hours with 2 rods. That morning they went to one of the shallows!

what you need to take

Here is a guide to what I took and what I would take again.

  • Sticks or pods are fine. (If you're in the lake cabin, you'll need a capsule because it's a decorated stake).
  • Tight bags with 14mm rollers worked well for me, another visitor did well with corn and a methodical feeder.
  • I just used bags and nothing extra free as I was fishing 12 year old wraps with no spod. If you're there when it's warmer, I think a boil and pitching bat would work well for batting.
  • Shorter sticks if you have them. I fished with 12ft carp rods, with all the trees a 9 or 10ft rod or swing type would be best.
  • Decent padded side release mat, not sure the fish are caught that often as even after being tired before landing they were still combative on the mat!
  • Common equipment for fish of this size.

The Lawson Lodge – Peg Privado

Here is a wedge from the hut on the lake -

Brayton Park Lodges - Full Overview and Fishing Information (14)

I spent a week at Lawson Lodge in May and had a great week fishing for carp. The wedge above is huge and the outside area was amazing. The hot tub overlooks the wedge and lake and you can see koi jumping around all day.

During our stay we caught a lot of fish, mostly in the morning and evening. During the week we managed to catch 86 carp with numerous double moves. They were all standard Brayton Park wild carp, long and lean and weighing between 6 and 8 pounds.

I fished with PVA bags that worked perfectly.

If you plan on fishing during your stay, we recommend Lawson Lodge.

The course is 9 holes and 2,323 yards that looks well maintained. At the time of writing, it costs £10 for 9 holes or £15 for unlimited rounds.

Payment was made through the honesty box in the car park. Food and drinks were available to all residents and non-residents on the club premises.

Brayton Park is ranked highly in ourgolf accommodation holiday guide. It's perfect for a luxury vacation for the casual golfer.

There is a dress code as you would expect and tracksuits, football shirts etc. are not allowed. You are expected to wear a T-shirt on the course, but the code seems quite relaxed.

The on site restaurant is located at the golf club where you get the keys. They have a good selection of local food and we think it's pretty good.

They also have a special in-stateroom dinner menu that you can call and order from your stateroom. It is better to order in advance as it can be crowded at times.

How to find guesthouses

What's in the local area

The place is about a mile outside Aspatria village which makes it nice and secluded. In Aspatria you will find several bars, gas stations and cooperatives among other stores. The nearest large town is Penrith which is further away.

Distances to the nearest facilities

  • 5 minutes by car to the nearest shop/supermarket
  • 5 minute drive to the nearest pub/restaurant (not on site)
  • 11 minutes drive to the nearest beach - Allonby - pebble beach
  • The nearest golf course is on site

Map Brighton Park

Brayton Park Lodges - Full Overview and Fishing Information (15)

*The site map is taken from the source and is subject to change. Check the website for the latest information.

Staterooms appear to be randomly selected when booking. Those overlooking the lake are preferable. Lawson is the only lodge with private fishing. The 3 front houses in Darwin overlook the golf course. All cabins appear to have views of the northern mountains and lakes in the distance.

Common questions

Do all staterooms have hot tubs?

All cabins at Brayton Park have private hot tubs.

Best to check when you book as new cabins were being added at the time of our review.

Do the houses have private fishing?

Only Lawson's cabin has a private fishing pole. Other cabin guests can access the lake by walking down the road and fishing on the wooded side.

What attractions are near Brayton Park?

There are numerous attractions around the northern Lake District. We visited the Forestry Commission site where there was a Gruffalo trail and a high ropes style trail. They have many walking trails and bike paths of different levels. They also rent bicycles and helmets.

The closest beach, Allonby, is not large and is pebbly. There is a very nice ice cream parlor opposite the main parking lot.

You can visit a part of Hadrian's Wall which is about an hour's drive away. This is the property of the National Foundation where the fort once stood.

You can also drive into the center of the Lake District, where there are many attractions to visit. Bowness in Windermere is approximately an hour's drive away, although it can take longer with traffic at peak times.

Is there food and drink on site?

Yes, you can have lunch at the restaurant or order from the menu in the cabin. There is also an agricultural store within the premises.

Are there any pubs close by?

There is a pub within the premises. If you are a keen walker, you could walk to the pub in Aspatria which is approximately 1.5 miles away.

Can you get delivery?

For groceries they delivered to us from Tesco, and Sainsbury delivered to the cottage next to us.

Are the houses suitable for children?

We found them to be great for our 6 and 9 year olds. They had a lot of space inside the hut and also good space outside. There is a large grassy area overlooking the lake where other children sometimes played.

There are things to do in the area, but most of our time is spent at the cabin, playing, fishing and in the hot tub.

Are pets allowed at Brayton Park?

No, pets are not allowed.

Can you park near your house?

Yes, parking is available next to all cabins and it looks like you can fit at least 2 cars in any one of them.

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