10+ Lessons and Stories to Discover the Power of Prayer | Kara J Lovett Co. (2023)

As I went from student to young professional, I rely more and more on prayer. Or at least noticing more the absence of prayer in my life. With all the craziness that has been in 2020, I don't know how I would have survived without prayer - my own prayers and the prayers of my friends.

Looking back, I understand the importance and power of prayer in my life, in my relationship with the Lord, and in the world. Prayer changes things, and the nextthe power of prayer storiesfrom the Bible and the life of this young professional will show you how to unlock the power of prayer in your own life.

10+ Lessons and Stories to Discover the Power of Prayer | Kara J Lovett Co. (1)

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1 Lessons on the power of prayer

1.1 What is the power of prayer?

1.2 What does the Bible say about the power of prayer?

1.3 The power of prayer Holy Scripture

1.4 Scripture to be used during prayer

1.5 Why is prayer so powerful?

2 The Power of Prayer - Stories about Prayer from the Bible

2.1 Hannah and Samuel – A story about the power of prayer

2.2 Daniel – The story of the power of prayer

2.3 Samson's parents - a story about the power of prayer

2.4 The Jesus Prayer - a story about the power of prayer

2.5 Other examples of the power of prayer in the Bible

2.6 Results of prayer - The story of David and Bathsheba

3 The Power of Prayer Stories from My Life

4 Is prayer powerful and effective?

4.1 Be encouraged by the power of prayer

Lessons on the power of prayer

I am guilty of neglecting prayer too often. Unfortunately, when faced with a test, challenge, or difficulty, my first response is not prayer. But, happily, I serve a patient and merciful God.

When I come to my senses and remember the power of prayer, God is always there and listening.

In my quest to improve prayer, I learned about prayer through sermons, praying with friends, and listening to others' testimonies and stories about the power of prayer. It reminded me to use the power of prayer more often in my daily life. One way to do this is to remember some of these Scripture lessons about the power of prayer.

What is the power of prayer?

The power of prayer refers to how prayer is used to praise, confess, thank, intercede and plead before Almighty and Holy God. It is rooted in the truth that Jesus made peace between mankind and God and is now the mediator on our behalf.

Before in our sinful nature, we were unable to approach God. After Jesus' death and resurrection, Jesus paid the penalty for our sins - death - and reconciled us to God. That reconciliation is the peace He made between us and God. This is what allows us to approach God with confidence, knowing that Jesus bridges the gap between God and humanity.

"Let us therefore approach the throne of grace with confidence, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need."

Hebrews 4:16 (ESV)

This is the power of prayer. May we do all this: praise, thank, defend, intercede and present requests before God, and be sure that God hears us. He recognizes us as his children because of what Jesus has done for us.

What does the Bible say about the power of prayer?

The power of prayer is emphasized throughout the Bible. Through prayer, the saints in the Bible communicate with God, and God hears and answers their prayers. In the New Testament, the Gospel writers describe Jesus as also constantly praying to God.

Saints pray for each other during trials and bless each other on their physical and spiritual journeys, all the timethank the Lord for the Christian fraternity.

Scripture constantly reminds us to pray consistently, persevere in prayer, give thanks in prayer, and present our requests to God.

The Bible also talks about how prayer is our way of communicating and communing with God. As in any relationship, we need to invest time in getting to know the other person. So when we dedicate ourselves to Jesus Christ and have a personal relationship with Him, prayer is one of the ways we spend time with Him.

The Power of Prayer Holy Scripture

The power of prayer resounds throughout Scripture. Here are some of my favorite Bible verses that talk about the power of prayer. These verses and stories about the power of prayer show the importance of prayer and how it is used in different situations and trials, by groups and individuals (including Jesus!) to talk to the living God.

  1. Matthew 7:7-11 –“‘Ask, and it will be given you; Seek and you will find; knock and it will be opened for you. For whoever asks receives, whoever seeks finds, and whoever knocks, it will be opened to him. Or which of you, if his son asks him for bread, will give him a stone? Or if he asks for fish, will he give him a snake? If then you who are evil know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give good things to those who ask him!'"
  2. Colossians 1:9-12 –"And so, since the day we heard it, we have not ceased praying for you, asking that you may be filled with the full knowledge of his will, in all wisdom and spiritual understanding, that you may walk in a way worthy of the Lord, fully pleasing to him: bearing fruit in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God; strengthened with all strength, according to his glorious power, in all steadfastness and patience with joy; thanks to the Father who qualified you to share in the inheritance of the saints in the light".
  3. Romans 12:12 –"Rejoice in hope, patient in tribulation, steadfast in prayer."
  4. Philippians 4:6-7 –“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your desires to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. Jesus."
  5. Salmo 81:8 –"You called in trouble, and I delivered you; I answered you in lightning; I tested you in the waters of Meribah."

Other Power of Prayer Verses and Lessons on Prayer Verses

6.Salmo 61:1-3 –"Hear my cry, God, hear my prayer; from the end of the earth I call to you when my heart is failing. Lead me to the rock that is taller than I am, for you have been my refuge, a strong tower against the enemy."

7.Matthew 6:5-8 –"And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites. For they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners, so that others can see them. Truly I say to you, they have already received their wages. And when you pray, go to your room, close the door and pray to your Father who is in secret. And your Father who sees in secret will reward you. And when you pray, do not heap up empty phrases like the heathen, for they think they will be heard because of their many words. Don't be like them, because your Father knows what you need before you ask him'”.

8.Ivan 17: 9,15-17 –"I pray for them. I do not ask for the world, but for those you have given me, because they are yours... I do not ask that you take them out of the world, but that you keep them from the evil one. They are not of the world, just as I am not of the world. Sanctify them through the truth; your word is truth.”

9.Romans 8:26-“Furthermore, the Spirit helps us in our weakness.

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Scripture to be used during prayer

If I feel speechless, I choose a few verses to use when I pray. The Bible covers the full range of human emotions in its pages: happiness, joy, celebration, wonder, fear, respect, anger, bitterness, sadness, grief, disappointment, sadness, grief, grief, pain... Whatever the emotion. experience you experience or temptation you are dealing with, you may find a Bible verse or scripture passage that speaks to where you are in life.

To get you started, here are some of my favorite verses to pray about:

  • psalms– This book includes psalms of praise, confession, redemption, forgiveness, longing and more. Whenever I find a psalm that catches my attention, I read it in prayer to the Lord, adding a phrase of mine here and there.
    • "He alone is my rock and salvation, my fortress; I will not waver. In God rests my salvation and my glory; my mighty rock, my refuge is God. Trust in him always, O people; pour out your heart before him; God is our haven." Psalm 62,6-8
  • Prayers and Songs of People in the Bible– In the Old and New Testaments there are prayers, songs and songs of different people in the Bible. For example, in Luke chapter 1, Mary sings a song of praise to the Lord (verses 46-56). The book of Job is full of verses in which Job cries out to God and prays in his trials. These are just two examples of different saint prayers and songs you can use when praying.
  • Words and Sermons of Jesus- In the four gospels, according to Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, the writers record the words of Jesus, including His conversations with His disciples, His prayers to God, and His sermons. These are all great verses to use when you pray. Some of my favorite passages to pray about are John 10:10, John 16:33 and John 17.
    • Ivan 10: 10 – 15 –"The thief comes only to steal, kill and destroy. I came that they might have life, and have it to the full. I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep. He who is a hireling and not a shepherd, who is not owner of sheep, sees the wolf coming, leaves the sheep and runs away, and the wolf catches them and scatters them. He runs away because he is a hireling and does not care about the sheep. I am the good shepherd. I know mine and mine know me, just as the Father knows me and I know the Father, and I lay down my life for the sheep.”
  • Isaiah- I like to pray the Scriptures in the book of the prophet Isaiah because of the depth and breadth they cover. It begins with God's judgment on the Israelites, but also with his promise of deliverance, which foreshadows the coming of Jesus the Messiah. Most of the book is written in psalm-like stanzas, so it's easy to digest and pray in small chunks while adding your own personal prayer.
  • Scripture on the power of prayer– I will often pray the Bible verses about prayer listed in the previous section to remind myself of the power of prayer. I repeat the words of Jesus and the saints as I lift up my prayers to the Lord and ask for peace, joy, patience and God's favor in my life and in the lives of others.
  • Scripture on God's Love
  • Numbers 6:24-26– This verse is one of my favorites to pray for friends, family and loved ones. When I don't have a specific prayer request, I feel this verse perfectly sums up the blessing I want God to send them.

"The Lord bless you and keep you; may the Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord lift up his face toward you and give you peace."

Numbers 6:24-26

Why is prayer so powerful?

Prayer is so powerful because it is fellowship and fellowship with God who is almighty and almighty. It is not our strength or power that makes prayer strong, but the strength and power of God who hears our prayers. Creator of the universe, God is omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent—omniscient, omnipotent, and ever-present. This is the God we pray to and He hears our prayers!

"Come, see the works of the Lord, how he desolates the earth. He makes wars to cease to the ends of the earth; he breaks the bow and breaks the spear; he burns the chariot with fire. God, I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!” The Lord of hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our stronghold."

Salmo 46: 8-11

When we pray, we are in communion and fellowship withHoly, perfect God. He calls us children and has showered us with his love (1 John 3:1). He knows us - our desires, our heartaches, our struggles and our dreams (Isaiah 49:15-16 and Psalm 139:13-16).

So prayer is powerful, not because of us or how holy we act or what words we choose to pray. Prayer is powerful because God is powerful, He created us and He loves us. He hears our prayers and acts on our behalf, going before us to fight our battles and carry our burdens for us.

Prayer doesn't do amazing things by itself - it's God who does amazing things.

Kara J Lovett Co.

The Power of Prayer - Prayer Stories from the Bible

In Luke 11, the disciples ask Jesus to teach them how to pray, and Jesus responds with the Our Father (see also Matthew 6). Just as Jesus taught his disciples to pray, God teaches us in the Holy Scriptures how to pray.

The Bible includes many stories that show the power of prayer and teach us how to pray. These verses, stories and passages are just samples of the wonderful works of God in the Bible through the power of prayer.

Hannah and Samuel - A story about the power of prayer

The first story about the power of prayer that came to mind is the story of Hannah, Samuel's mother. Samuel was the prophet of God, the one who anointed King David. But before Samuel came on the scene, his mother Hannah was barren. Since she was unable to have children, she prayed fervently to the Lord, asking Him to let her have a child.

"But Hannah replied, 'No, my lord, I am a woman of troubled spirit. I have not drunk wine or strong drink, but I have poured out my soul before the Lord. Do not consider your servant a worthless woman, for I speak all the time with great anxiety and anger.''

First Samuel 1:15-16

The Lord heard her prayers and remembered Anna, and she conceived and bore a son, whom she named Samuel. I am inspired by Hannah's honesty, opening her heart before the Lord. In her anxiety and frustration, she turned to God, something I want to emulate.

Daniel - A story about the power of prayer

In Daniel 9, Daniel poured out his heart in prayer and sought the Lord with fasting. In his prayer he confesses for Israel and asks for mercy.

"Now therefore, O our God, hear the prayer of Your servant and his plea for mercy, and for Your sake, Lord, make Your face shine on Your sanctuary, which is desolate. My God, Incline Your face ear and hear. Open your eyes and see our deserts and the city that bears your name. For we do not present our petitions before you because of our righteousness, but because of your great mercy.”

Daniel 9:17-18

As Daniel prays, the angel Gabriel appears to Daniel later in the chapter with an answer to Daniel's prayer. Gabriel came to bring Daniel the answer at the beginning of Daniel's prayer, and then he began to tell Daniel about the events that would happen in Israel.

What strikes me about this story about the power of prayer is Daniel's reverence for God in his prayer. You can see in his prayer that Daniel considered God holy, strong, and mighty.

While recognizing the gravity of Israel's sin and rebellion, Daniel also believed that God was merciful, which is why he prayed for God to grant mercy to Israel.

It is also interesting to read the fact that Gabriel immediately brought up his answer because I often feel like it takes forever for my prayers to be answered. But Gabriel's response in verses 24-27 predicts the coming of Jesus the Messiah, which will occur 400 years after the end of the Old Testament. So Daniel's prayer was answered, and we know that God heard him immediately, but it took some time for that answer to come.

Samson's Parents - A Story About the Power of Prayer

In Judges 13, a man named Manoah and his wife were about to welcome a son, Samson. Manoah and his wife were barren and childless. However, an angel appeared to the woman and told her that she would give birth to a son. When she told her husband, he went to the Lord in prayer:

"Then Manoah prayed to the Lord and said, 'O Lord, may the man of God whom you sent return to us and teach us what to do with the child that will be born'."

Santo 13:8

God responded and sent an angel back to Manoah and his wife to speak with them. They offered a burnt offering to Yahweh and had a son, Samson, whom Yahweh blessed.

In this story of the power of prayer, I admire how Manoah immediately went to the Lord in prayer for wisdom and guidance. Manoah realized that God would do something wonderful for him and his wife, but still confused, as I would have been, he prayed that God would teach him what to do.

The Jesus Prayer - A Story About the Power of Prayer

Before going to the cross, Jesus prayed for himself, for his disciples and for all believers (John 17). Knowing what was to come - the crucifixion and the wrath of God - Jesus turned his face to heaven and prayed in the garden.

"And he went a stone's throw from them, knelt down and prayed, saying, 'Father, if you are willing, take this cup from me. However, not my will, but your will! And an angel from heaven appeared to him, giving him strength. And being in an agony, he prayed more earnestly; and his sweat broke out like great drops of blood falling to the ground."

Lucas 22:41-44

In his prayer, Jesus asks that "the cup be removed" and that he need not go to the cross. As I read the following chapters about the crucifixion and the pain and suffering Jesus endured, including facing the wrath of God, I understand why Jesus prayed this prayer. But what impresses me most is that Jesus asked that God's will be done, even if it meant that Jesus would be crucified.

Not only do I marvel at the love Jesus must have for us to suffer on the cross for us, but I am also grateful to Jesus for his obedience to God and God's will.

The power of prayer is not just about getting the results we want. Even Jesus did not have his “desire” fulfilled by himself, but in Jesus' obedience, we are offered salvation, for only through the cross can we have eternal life. In this story of the power of prayer, Jesus communicated with God, received power from heaven to strengthen him, and confirmed his decision to obey God.

Other Examples of the Power of Prayer in the Bible

I mentioned above that prayer is mentioned throughout the Bible, in stories and verses. So, in addition to the stories above, here are some other examples of the power of prayer in the Bible.

These examples emphasize the importance of prayer and its importance throughout the Bible. I hope these examples encourage you to get down on your knees and experience the power of prayer as you talk to God!

  • Examples of the power of prayer in the Bible:
    • After he was captured by the Philistines,Samson prayed to the Lordfor strength that he might destroy the Philistine temple (Judges 16:23-31).
    • Elijah begged God to bring back a widow's son.Elijah cried out to the Lord, and God heard him and revived the child. (1 Kings 17:17-24)
    • Eliasmake a sacrifice to the Lord andhe prayed to Godburn the sacrifice with fire and show people that He is God above all. The fire of the Lord burns the sacrifice, the wood, the stones, the dust and the water that soaked the sacrifice. (1 Kings 18:20-40).
    • In the Gospels, Jesus predicted that Peter would deny him three times before the rooster crowed. However, instead of pushing Peter away or scolding him,Jesus prayed for Peter, that their faith would not waver and that Peter would strengthen his brothers in Christ after Peter returned to Jesus. (Luke 22:31-34).
    • In his letters, Paul prayed for the different churches and people he served. One letter that stands out to me is 2 Timothy. In your greeting,Paul thanks God and prays for Timothy.

"I thank God whom I serve, like my forefathers, with a clear conscience, constantly remembering you in my prayers night and day. As I remember your tears, I long to see you, so that I may be filled with joy. . I remember your sincere faith, the faith that was first in your grandmother Loida and your mother Eunice, and now, I'm sure, resides in you too."

2 Timothy 1:3-5

Results of Prayer - The Story of David and Bathsheba

No post on the power of prayer would be complete without discussing the results of prayer. While we can be confident that God answers prayers, that doesn't mean that all of our prayers will be answered the way we want.

God is not a spirit; He is our Father in heaven.

As the Father wants the best for his children, we can be sure that God wants the best for us. But parents also say "no" or "wait" to protect us or prepare us for something better.

"And we know that everything works together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to his purpose."

Romans 8:28

When we talk about the fact that the results of prayer are not always what we expect, David's story comes to mind. In prayer and fasting, David begged God to save the son he had conceived with Bathsheba after adultery. Though David struggled in prayer, the child died on the seventh day, and David mourned the death of his son (2 Samuel 11-12).

Prayer is not always answered the way we plan or the way we expect. But inremembering God's love for usand His character, asjust, faithful, good, just Godwho He is, we can cling to the truth that God hears us and wants the best for us, His children.

To wrap up the story, David was blessed with another son, Solomon, who inherited the throne. Another example of how the results of prayer are not always a resounding "Yes" is the story of Job. Job lost everything and wrestled with God in pages of prayer and conversation. In the end, Job received so much more because he blessed the name of the Lord in his distress.

“Then Job got up, tore his clothes and shaved his head, fell to the ground and worshipped. And he said, "Naked I came out of my mother's womb, and naked I will return." The Lord gave, the Lord took away; blessed be the name of the Lord."

Good 1:21-22
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10+ Lessons and Stories to Discover the Power of Prayer | Kara J Lovett Co. (2)

Find ways to encourage prayer in your life.I have found a prayer journal to be very helpful. They help me keep track of my praises and prayer requests. I can easily look back and see how God has answered my prayers.

The Power of Prayer Stories from My Life

In my own life, I have also collected stories about the power of prayer as I work hard to improve my prayer life. I am usually very good at saying my prayers at normal and expected times of the day, before meals, before bed, before a long trip or car ride. I say those words that I've memorized or heard others say often, close my eyes, nod and bam – I consider myself "prayed".

However, in college, I realized that I was missing out. Prayer became a checklist option for me.

One of those things I do because I'm a Christian and other Christians do it, and sometimes we even did it all together, in a big circle, popcorn style.

While I took many steps to improve my prayer life in college and beyond, there are 3 specific cases that stand out for me: 3 stories about the power of prayer from my time in 3 different countries. Each of my stories taught me important lessons about prayer and how to pray better, just like the stories in the Bible.

10+ Lessons and Stories to Discover the Power of Prayer | Kara J Lovett Co. (6)

Florence, Italy - The Power of a Story and Lesson in Prayer

The first lesson on prayer comes from the city of Florence, Italy, where I traveled with my sister in Christ. We went to the laundry room and while I was busy sorting the clothes, my friend was sitting in one of the empty chairs with a notebook in her hand. When everything was loaded into the washing machine, I walked over and asked her what she was reading.

"I'm praying," she replied. And in that little notebook were dry, yellowed pages, worn from being carried around on all her travels, and on each page she scribbled prayers, verses, praises, requests - anything and everything she wanted to lift up to the Lord in prayer.

"Prayer was a power to my friend because she wasprepared for prayerany time.

As someone who always struggles to find the words to say, why didn't I go to the Lord with something already prepared? Not just my prayer requests (we will, we will)but also with my compliments and even song lyrics or quotes and the bible to express what my heart cannot find words to say. And how could it be something I could carry with me and have as a constant reminder to pray.

Toronto, Canada - The Power of a Story and Prayer Lesson

The second of my three prayer classes came right after my senior year of college. I went with my church's campus ministry on a mission trip to Toronto, Canada. All in all, it was an amazing experience that I deeply appreciate. I've learned a lot along the journey, but one thing in particular I've learned is the power of prayer.

In our many interactions with Torontonians, our pastor encouraged us to pray for the people we met, personally, and later after the conversation ended. That's when I really learnedthe advantage of prayer. People were simply amazed that we college-aged Christians had the confidence to stop, wherever we were, no matter what we were doing, and just pray to our Almighty God - for them!

Because of Jesus, the lowly, the sinners and the unclean can come before the righteous God and address Him directly in prayer.

We don't exactly have to sacrifice or stay in a temple or dress a certain way. As Christians, we can call on the name of the Lord and pray at any time, no matter where we are, where we've been, what we've done, or how we feel. We can call on God and know he hears us.

Barcelona, ​​​​​The Power of a Story and Lesson in Prayer

Another important lesson on prayer took place in Barcelona when I visited two chaplains who pastored the Anglican Church in Barcelona and Andorra. Shortly after arriving, I spoke with the chaplain about how he had struggled to find a strong Christian community in Andorra. I was mid-sentence, or maybe she was, when the bells rang in the apartment above the church.

"It's time to pray," said the chaplain. "Join me."

Leaning forward, the chaplain folded his hands in front of him. So I bowed my head and she spent the next few minutes praying about our conversation and my upcoming trip, thanking God for all He's given me.

After the prayer, she explained that these bells ring 4 or 5 times during the day. No matter what you are doing, you must immediately stop and pray. At first I thought these bells were a nuisance. But as these bells rang twice more during my visit, and more times the second time I visited, I really liked them.

As someone who struggles with prayer, it's all too easy for me to get so "stuck" in life that I don't remember to pray until it's too late. Until I'm too exhausted, or too stressed, or too low.

I always wantedprayer must be my first answer, not only for challenging situations, but also for everyday life. And those bells were a perfect reminder that the ability to pray never goes away, and so what I'm dealing with right now, I can hear the bells and immediately turn to the Lord in prayer. It turns out that this physical reminder helped me turn more and more to the Lord.

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10+ Lessons and Stories to Discover the Power of Prayer | Kara J Lovett Co. (7)

Is prayer powerful and effective?

In short, prayer is powerful and effective. Prayer is the way we communicate with God, associate with God, and hear the voice of God.

Since God is our Heavenly Father, we know that he wants what's best for us, but that doesn't mean he always gives us what we ask for. The results of prayer won't always be what we envision, but it makes room for God to work in amazing ways in our lives and in the lives of others.

In biblical stories, God answers the prayers of believers, saints, and his Son Jesus. From Genesis to Revelation, his people cry out in prayer and God works miracles. Of thesethe power of prayer stories, we can know that prayer is powerful and effective, though not because of anything we have done.

Prayer is powerful because of who God is.

Be encouraged by the power of prayer

I am certainly not where I was when I started my prayer journey, nor where I would like to be. But with these things in mind, I've made great strides.

In these times of uncertainty and great stress, I encourage you to use these lessons on the power of prayer to fuel your prayer life andovercome fear. You are privileged to have direct access to Almighty God.

Pray especially and pray often.

If you need something to remind you to pray I highly recommendthe echo app.With the free version, you can record your prayer requests, paste the verse text, and set a time for the app to send you a notification to pray. Reminders can be set for any prayer at any time you choose.

Eventually, these notifications will instill a habit in you: the battle is best fought on your knees.

How has prayer changed things for you?

Leave me a comment below!

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